Officer Candidate Class 4-64 

3rd Platoon      

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3rd Platoon, 52nd Company (OC), 5th Student Battalion, Class 4-64

LT Michael A. "Iron Mike" Moran

Tactical Officer, 3rd Platoon

Hicks Anthony B.gif (117290 bytes)<Anthony B. Hicks RIP   Hite Fred C.gif (118795 bytes)<Fred C. Hite  RIP

Hjorth Larry L.gif (121437 bytes)<Larry L. Hjorth    Hoer Casper M.gif (122531 bytes)<Casper M. Hoer

Hughes Ralph M.gif (104249 bytes)<Ralph M. Hughes    Inscho Ronald L.gif (120267 bytes)<Ronald L. Inscho

Isler Jerry L.gif (118137 bytes)<Jerry L. Isler RIP   Johnson Charles W.gif (116242 bytes)<Charles W. Johnson

Johnson Michael P.gif (111714 bytes)<Michael P. Johnson    Johnson Virgil W.gif (121167 bytes)<Virgil W. Johnson

Jones Melvin D.gif (102329 bytes)<Melvin D. JonesRIP    Kauffman Raymond W.gif (122788 bytes)<Raymond W. Kauffman

Keller Charles H.gif (108017 bytes)<Charles H. Keller RIP   Kierce Steiner C.gif (112420 bytes)<Steiner C. Kierce

Klein Philip C Jr.gif (97305 bytes)<Philip C. Klein, Jr.    Kleinsmith Gerald E.gif (111589 bytes)<Gerald E. Kleinsmith RIP

Kubasik Kenneth Ff.gif (122372 bytes)<Kenneth F. Kubasik  RIP   Lamonte George.gif (118187 bytes)<George Lamonte RIP

Lanning Michael E.gif (121812 bytes)<Michael D. Lanning    Larkee Norman H.gif (121212 bytes)<Norman H. Larkee

Lawrence Roy G Jr.gif (119247 bytes)<Roy G. Lawrence, Jr.    Lehman Arthur C.gif (120224 bytes)<Arthur C. Lehman

Lordi George J Jr.gif (109393 bytes)<George J. Lordi, Jr.    Loughran Eugene P.gif (119411 bytes)<Eugene P. Loughran RIP

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