Officer Candidate Class 4-64 

4th Platoon      

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4th Platoon, 52nd Company (OC), 5th Student Battalion, Class 4-64

LT John A. Schmidlin

Tactical Officer, 4th Platoon

Grant Joseph X.gif (121055 bytes)<Joseph X. Grant RIP   McCamy John G.gif (120869 bytes)<John G. McCamy

McGill Glenn E.gif (116295 bytes)<Glenn E. McGill RIP    McWilliams Harry H Jr.gif (117317 bytes)<Harry H. McWilliams, Jr.  RIP

Meyers Fred L Jr.gif (121149 bytes)<Fred L. Meyers, Jr.RIP    Moat William R.gif (124758 bytes)<William R. Moat

Naughton Larry.gif (111326 bytes)<Larry Naughton    Naylon Thomas M.gif (109382 bytes)<Thomas M. Naylon  RIP

Nowack Dennis C.gif (110209 bytes)<Dennis C. Nowack    Offineer Gary W.gif (118949 bytes)<Gary W. Offineer RIP

Palmer Archie M Jr.gif (111107 bytes)<Archie M. Palmer, Jr.    Pearson George B.gif (106277 bytes)<George B. Pearson III RIP

Perkins Milton L.gif (117134 bytes)<Milton L. Perkins    Perkins Stuart.gif (115582 bytes)<Stuart Perkins RIP

Pincock Louis B.gif (113712 bytes)<Louis B. Pincock    Pittenger Gerald F.gif (119357 bytes)<Gerald F. Pittenger RIP

Poole James O.gif (110592 bytes)<James O. Poole    Powell James R.gif (125434 bytes)<James R. Powell

Prokopowicz John H.gif (115779 bytes)<John H. Prokopowicz    Putzig James D.gif (120245 bytes)<James D. Putzig

Ray Ronald E.gif (124109 bytes)<Ronald E. Ray    Reynolds John.gif (119914 bytes)<John Reynolds

Ring Dennis M.gif (113677 bytes)<Dennis M. Ring    Roberts Alfred H.gif (124704 bytes)<Alfred H. Roberts RIP

Robinson Marion M.gif (118158 bytes)<Marion M. Robinson RIP   Roth Arthur O.gif (119316 bytes)<Arthur O. Roth

Rowell Charles W.gif (125561 bytes)<Charles W. Rowell RIP   Taylor Robert L.gif (124074 bytes)<Robert L. Taylor

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