Officer Candidate Class 4-64 


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We had 23 classmates in attendance!

Looks like the 5th Platoon is once again in the lead!

1st Platoon: (5)                                                                Paid?            NASA Tour?        Post Reunion Cruise?

Richard J. "Dick" Bracken &  Sandy                        Paid.                     NASA

Arthur L. "Art" Carter & Cynthia                                 Paid.                    NASA

Richard R. "Dick" Chandler                                        Paid.

Richard Fougeron & Kimberli                                    Paid.                      NASA

2nd Platoon: (4)

Paul Edson                                                                      Paid.                      NASA

Milton H. (Hank) Farr & Gloria                                     Paid.

Robert C. (Bob) Hale & Char                                       Paid.                       NASA                   Cruise

Robert J. Harmon & Rachel Robinson                     Paid.

3rd Platoon: (4)

Larry Hjorth & Betty                                                        Paid.                      NASA

Raymond W. "Ray" Kauffman,  Jr                               Paid.

Charles S. "Chuck" Kierce & Estella                          Paid.

George Lordi, Jr.                                                               Paid.

4th Platoon: (1)

John Prokopowicz & Joella                                           Paid.

5th Platoon: (9)

Ed Ruff &  Leigh                                                                Paid.               NASA

Jackie E. "Gene" Rutland &  JoAnn                            Paid.               NASA                                 Cruise

John Schade & Sybil Letzing                                        Paid.

Charles L. "Chuck" Shepherd                                        Paid.              NASA                

Samuel  R. "Sam" Slaughter

Ronald R. "Ron" Sommer & Joyce                              Paid.

George Wilkins & Donna                                                Paid.                

William E. "Bill" Volkman & Dorothy                           Paid.

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