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This turned out to be a highly successful event!

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 The Space Pass  You will be purchasing a SPACE PASS which will allow you all-access to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and includes admission, Lunch with an Astronaut, and the guided NASA Up-Close tour.  You can enjoy these events in one day or visit over two days within a 7-day period of the ticketís first use.

 Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex  You can explore the many exhibits, shows and attractions including, but not limited to, the New Hubble Telescope exhibit Eye on the Universe:  The Hubble Space Telescope, the Shuttle Launch Experience, the Rocket Garden and Imax films.  Your ticket also includes the NASA bus tour which will take you to the LC-39 Observation Gantry, the Apollo/Saturn V Center (featuring a restored Saturn V rocket), and a step back in time to relive Neil Armstrongís first steps on the moon, and experience the thunderous rumble of a Saturn V rocket lift-off.  You may also visit the US Astronaut Hall of Fame. 

 Lunch With an Astronaut  Have lunch with and listen to space travel stories and ask questions of a NASA astronaut while enjoying a delicious meal.  You will have the opportunity to have a photo taken with the featured astronaut and receive an autographed souvenir.

 NASA Up Close Tour   Led by a trained space expert, the tour includes insider views of the space program from launch preparation to liftoff.  View the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) and the Operations and Check Out Building where the astronauts prepare for their flights.  View the International Space Station Center, the Shuttle Landing Facility and the massive Crawler-Transporter.  There is more to see and photo opportunities are offered.  You will receive a special VIP kit at the end of the program.    


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