Officer Candidate Class 4-64 


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Classmates Who Attended: (By Platoon)

As of: 18 Apr 2016

*= Actually attended.

1st Platoon                                                                                                2nd Platoon

                             *Lou Hennies                                                                                        *Hank Farr                                                          

*Art Carter                                                                                             *Paul Edson      

                    *Dick Chandler                                                                                                                                     

3rd Platoon                                                                                                4th Platoon

            * "Iron Mike" Moran                                                                                 *  John Reynolds                   

      * Ray Kauffman                                                                                          *Bill Moat

*George Lordi                                                                                              *Ron Ray

                                                                                                          *John Prokopowicz

5th Platoon

*Gene Rutland

*Chuck Shepherd

Classmates RSVP: "Cannot attend":

John Schmidlin,    Sam Sneed,    Paul Bassett,    Stewart Fuller,    Joseph Albrecht,    Dennis Ring,

Charles Nowack,    Dennis Dodson,    Sam Slaughter,    Ken Wine,    John McCamy,    Larry Hjorth,

Larry Evans,    Archie Palmer,    Lou Pincock,    Chuck Kierce,    Jerry Girard,    Wayne Schwartz,    Norman H. Larkee,

Jerry Hazelton,    Ralph Hughes,    George Wilkins,    Sherman Williford,    Bill Volkman,    William W. Browning Jr.

NOTE:  If you plan on attending, please send me an Email of Phone Call telling me a couple of things:

1.  Name of spouse and/or guests for Name Tag(s).

2.  Are you playing golf on Friday and/or Saturday with Ron Ray?

3.  Take tour of St. Augustine with Camelia Ray on Saturday Morning?

4.  If you are flying in and need transportation from/to airport: Flight # and times?

DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY!!  No Reunion Registration Fee needed!

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