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Gang:  I have mailed out the "I Am The Infantry" video tape along with the CD containing some 373 pictures taken at our reunion.  I mailed 10 copies to those who asked for them.  If anyone else wants them, please send me an Email and I will get them to you.

Until next time:  

These are a few pictures taken at our 40th Reunion 14 - 18 April 2004:

(Click on any image to view larger version with names)

1st Platoon 01.jpg (565265 bytes)<1st Platoon>1st Platoon 02.jpg (508282 bytes)

2nd Platoon: AWOL

3rd Platoon 01.jpg (547661 bytes)<3rd Platoon>3rd Platoon 02.jpg (362072 bytes)

4th Platoon 01.jpg (708893 bytes)<4th Platoon>4th Platoon 02.jpg (610836 bytes)

5th Platoon 01.jpg (647706 bytes)<5th Platoon>5th Platoon 02.jpg (628634 bytes)


Money managers.jpg (644636 bytes)

Reunion Accountants?

   Hennies_Chandler.jpg (535534 bytes)<Too Late

   Food fight.jpg (796312 bytes)<Brief Discussion.

Hennies_Chandler02.jpg (465362 bytes)<Additional Counseling.

Reynolds Mexico.jpg (806227 bytes)<Across the Rio Grande!    Breakfast.jpg (1117094 bytes)<Breakfast.

Memorial 01.jpg (949692 bytes)<Memorial Ceremony.    Memorial 02.jpg (893375 bytes)<4-64 at Memorial.

We produced a CD with 373 pictures (*.jpg format).  If you want one, please email me with your snail mail address and I will ensure you get one!  We also viewed an 11 minute video portraying the current version (March 2004) of "I Am The Infantry" (very moving!)  Can also mail you a copy if you want one.

<Gene Rutland

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