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                                                                                     OPPLAN REUNION 2010

                                                                                     Orlando, Florida

                                                                                     1 September 2009


                                                                                     Copy No ___ of ___ Copies


1.  SITUATION.  OCS Class 4-64 graduated 46 years ago (17 April 1964) and its classmates are gathering to celebrate this historic and glorious event.

2.  MISSION.  To meet at the Shades of Green Resort in Orlando, Florida during the period of 15 through 18 April 2010.   


     a.  Concept of Operations.  Classmates will gather NLT 15 April at the Shades of Green Resort in Orlando, Florida and, after appropriate events are concluded and high levels of fellowship are achieved, will depart no earlier than 18 April 2010.  Proposed activities include, but are not limited to:

          (1)  15 April:  Lodging registration at the Shades of Green beginning at 1500 hours.  After lodging registration, Reunion registration in the Reunion Hospitality Room.  Hospitality Room will open at 1500 hours.   

          (2)  16 April:  Reunion Golf Tournament for those who wish to participate.  For others, trips to Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, and other attractions in the resort area as well as in Orlando, Florida. At approximately 1800 hours, all will gather for a pay-as-you-go dinner, location TBA.

          (3)  17 April:  Tour of Kennedy Space Center or tour and sight-seeing on your own. Memorial Service in Magnolia Room at 1800.  Cocktails and Banquet follow in the Magnolia Room at 1900 hours.  Name of guest speaker TBA.

          (4)  18 April:  Pay-as-you-go breakfast in the resort’s Garden Gallery Restaurant and departures.

    b.  Command and Control

         (1)  Command.  CP will be established at the Shades of Green Resort in Orlando, Florida NLT 151500R April 2010. 

         (2)  Control.  Attendees may follow the itinerary planned by the Reunion Committee or they may roam at will. Centralized Command with De-centralized Execution.      

 c.  Coordinating Instructions.

         (1)  All classmates take note!  A Reunion Fee is being collected NOW to defray current and future expenses such as, but not limited to, stocking the Hospitality Room with food and drink. deposits for dinning/meeting rooms, registration packets, etc.  See Annex A – Reunion 2010 Registration Form.

        (2)  Ed Ruff will conduct the Memorial Service on Saturday, 17 April 2010.  He will coordinate with Shades of Green Staff for any equipment he may require.

(3)      Ron Sommer will receive and handle all RSVPs.      

(4)      Chuck Shepherd will handle finances and host the tour of the Kennedy Space Center.

(5)      Gene Rutland will coordinate the documentation of the Reunion (video, photos, recordings, etc.) and prepare name tags.

(6)      John Reynolds will monitor the RSVP list and contact those who have not responded to encourage attendance. 

         (7)      Dick Bracken will coordinate Reunion requirements with Shades of Green and other applicable off-site events.

(8)      Military Sponsors.  Classmates who are retired military will be asked to be a Reunion Sponsor for lodging purposes for our non-military retired classmates.  Each Sponsor will be authorized to “reserve” 3 rooms for the Reunion – their own and 2 additional rooms for non-military retired classmates and/or guests.  The sponsored classmate/guest will pay for their lodging.  Sponsors must be present when the non-retiree/guest registers at the Shades of Green Resort.        

(9)      Room Reservations – Annex B

        (10)  Reunion Activities Coordination – Annex C


     a.  RSVP.  If your name is not listed on the OCS Class 4-64 website (, contact Gene Rutland (with copy to Ron Sommer) as soon as possible!  Check your RSVP on the website to ensure your information is correct; i.e., information has been omitted or is incorrect.  Again, contact Gene Rutland as soon as possible.

    b. Transportation.  Taxi and paid shuttle bus service is available to and from the airport and the resort.  Shades of Green provides bus transportation to selected destinations (see Annex C).  No other means of Reunion transportation has been planned so car rental is recommended if you wish to roam on your own.  Self parking at Shades of Green is $ 5.00 per day, $ 10.00 per day valet.

    c.  Mess Arrangements.  Except for the Reunion Reception on 15 April and the Banquet on 17 April, all other meals are pay-as-you-go for attendees.


    a.  Command.

       (1)  Ed Ruff Email:  Landline: (360) 753-3049  (C) (888) 796-0123

        (2)  Ron Sommer: Email:  Landline (410) 391-6687.

        (3)  Chuck Shepherd:  Email: Landline:  (H) (352) 686-8145 (C) (352) 279-0428.

        (4)  Gene Rutland:  Email:  Landline: (C) (956) 433-7178 & (956) 572-3467.

        (5)  John Reynolds:  Email: 

        (1)  Dick Bracken:  Email:  Landline: (H) (941) 748-6898 (C) (941) 504-1487.

    b.  Signal.  Tactical call signs and codes will not be used.

                                                                   RONALD R. SOMMER

                                                                   LTC, AUS (Ret)




CPT, AUS (Ret)


 A – Reunion Registration Form

B -  Resort Room Registration, C – Reunion Activities Coordination



<Click here to Email Gene Rutland to receive printable copies of Annexes, Registration Forms, and OPPLAN.

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